available pake tasks: add-auth-user > (SOTE) Add administrator user clear-cache > clear cached information clear-controllers > clear controllers create-custom-products > (SOTE) create custom products disable > disables an application in a given environment downgrade > downgrade to a previous symfony release enable > enables an application in a given environment fix-perms > fix directories permissions freeze > freeze symfony libraries init-app > initialize a new symfony application init-batch > initialize a new symfony batch script init-controller > initialize a new symfony controller script init-module > initialize a new symfony module init-project > initialize a new symfony project installer-build-all > (SOTE) build soteshop (production enviroment) installer-build-schema-yml > (SOTE) build schema YAML installer-check-database-connection > (SOTE) Check connection to database installer-clean-all > (SOTE) Delete temporary installation files. installer-schema-diff > (SOTE) create schema diff for installed applications installer-sync > (SOTE) Synchroznizing installed applications. license-info > (SOTE) License info log-purge > purges an applications log files log-rotate > rotates an applications log files pear > (SOTE) PEAR Commands. Installer. pear-update-config > (SOTE) Update PEAR config plugin-install > install a new plugin plugin-list > list installed plugins plugin-uninstall > uninstall a plugin plugin-upgrade > upgrade a plugin promote-super-admin > promote a user super administrator propel-build-all > generate propel model and sql and initialize database propel-build-all-load > generate propel model and sql and initialize database, and load data propel-build-db > create database for current model propel-build-model > create classes for current model propel-build-schema > create a schema from existing database propel-build-sql > create sql for current model propel-convert-xml-schema > create schema.yml from schema.xml propel-convert-yml-schema > create schema.xml from schema.yml propel-dump-data > dump data to fixtures directory propel-generate-crud > generate a new propel CRUD module propel-init-admin > initialize a new propel admin module propel-init-crud > initialize a new propel CRUD module propel-insert-sql > insert sql for current model propel-load-data > load data from fixtures directory setup > (SOTE) Konfiguracja dostęp do bazy danych. setup-update > (SOTE) Uaktulania konfigurację bazy danych. sfassetlibrary-create-root > create a root node for the asset library sfassetlibrary-synchronize > synchronize a physical folder content with the asset library st-fix-perms > (SOTE) sote fix directories permissions sync > synchronise project with another machine test-all > launch all tests test-functional > launch functional tests for an application test-unit > launch unit tests unfreeze > unfreeze symfony libraries upgrade > upgrade to a new symfony release xliff-delete-user-files > (SOTE) delete user Xliff files xliff-merge-clear-files > (SOTE) merge Xliff files and clear tagret xliff-merge-files > (SOTE) merge Xliff files xliff-split-files > (SOTE) split Xliff files task aliases: app = pake init-app batch = pake init-batch build-schema-yml = pake installer-build-schema-yml cc = pake clear-cache controller = pake init-controller icdc = pake installer-check-database-connection install-sync = pake installer-sync module = pake init-module new = pake init-project sfalcr = pake sfassetlibrary-create-root sfals = pake sfassetlibrary-synchronize